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Based in the Principality of Monaco,

FLOORENOV is specializes in:


Surface treatment & sanding


Repairs and installation

Whether you are a professional or an individual, our team will put its

know-how at your disposal.

We operate in Monaco,

from Nice to Saint Tropez, Switzerland ....


For its quintessence, prestige and uniqueness, marble brings beauty and luxury

at your home or establishment.

Maintaining and renovating marble is a pledge of savoir vivre and luxury, but also attention to

your customers or your guests.

ponçage marbre

The sanding of marble, marble stone and natural stones, is essential and allows to sublimate them following the various aggressions (weather, dirt, liquid, frequentation ...) that they can undergo. Sanding will give your supports their shine and all their elegance.

We work for all types of surfaces, whether new or to be renovated.

  • Natural stone sandings, marbles, granites, corian

  • Finish: softened, matt-polished, satin-polished, gloss-polished.

  • Vertical sandings: facades, sanitary facilities, basin, columns, shower, counter ...


In order to best protect your new or renovated marbles against liquids, stains, dirt, we offer various treatment solutions, which do not alter the support and are invisible:

  • Hydro-oil repellent treatment, protecting your surfaces against water and oil, totally invisible and odorless.

  • Non-slip treatment by impregnation, is an ideal solution in wet areas. Colorless and odorless, it will protect you from falls after bathing, on your tiles and natural stone outdoors.

  • Woodwork treatment that offers protection against frost, snow for roofs, steps, façades, especially in humid environments or in the mountains

Maintaining your exceptional media
  • For routine maintenance of your marble floor, vertical, or your furniture, our team will put its expertise at your service. We use adapted and specially designed products according to the different types of marble. In addition, depending on the area where your marble is to be maintained (indoors on a busy area, outdoors or even in a bathroom ...) the treatment and maintenance to be performed may vary. This is why we offer our services to maintain your marbles and are at your disposal to advise you.

Other services...
  • Specialist in the maintenance and renovation of parquet floors, we will give new life to your woodwork and protect it durably: Repair, Sanding, Stain, Vitrification, waterproofing treatment (oil for teak)

  • Carpets: carpet shampoo, anti-mite treatment,

  • Decorative concrete: sanding, polished finish, waxed finish, staining by impregnation on existing screed,

  • Treatment of terracotta, ceramic and tiled floors: Stripping, anti-stain impregnation treatment,

  • Bush hammering is the dressing of the surface revealing regular points which makes the surfaces non-slip

  • Metallization of plastic floors,

  • Graffiti removal

Quality and environmentally friendly products
  • We source from an internationally recognized partner that respects standards. All the products we use are ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001 certified.



For the maintenance of your marbles our teams are trained in the use of specific and adapted products

guaranteeing quality maintenance and an extended duration of our treatments.

We also offer cleaning and maintenance services for your premises, housing, establishments, or the cleaning of your work sites. We have qualified teams to support you in your projects.

Femme de ménage Meubles
Cleaning after rental

Our service dedicated to real estate agencies and individuals for restoration before or after rental:

  • Dusting furniture

  • Suction, leaching of floors

  • Deep cleaning of carpets

  • Mattress cleaning

  • Tissue suction

  • Treatment or re-shine of marble and natural stone surfaces

Maintenance contract

For regular maintenance of your premises, buildings, common areas ... we make our know-how and our equipment available:

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Maintenance of your marbles and natural stone

  • Waste management

  • Permanence for busy places

  • Supply of consumables (dispenser, paper, water fountain ...)

  • Concierge replacement

End of site cleaning

After your work, our cleaning teams intervene to repair your work sites before delivery and bring the final touch to your projects.

Building companies, architect, individual, our team will meet your needs.

Our employees are equipped with PPE to work in a construction site.

Inaccessible cleaning
  • We provide a maintenance service for your windows, solar panels, inaccessible roof. In particular, cleaning solar panels is important because, as with any object exposed to the open air, weather conditions and urban pollution cause dirt to accumulate on the solar panels: pollen, dust, dead leaves, bird droppings, etc. so many little things that can come between the Sun and your installation, preventing optimal performance.

    We also offer you the cleaning of your photovoltaic panels by cleaning with demineralized water. Water acts as a formidable natural detergent, more effective than a large number of chemicals.

Yacht de luxe
Yacht Services from Monaco to Saint Tropez
  • Carpet stain removal

  • Carpet shampoo

  • Deep cleaning by mechanical brushing (sofa, chair ...)

  • Odor neutralization

  • Treatment against bacteria and mites

  • Sanding of all types of substrates

  • Brightening

  • Sanding and treatment of teak

  • Cleaning of outdoor mattresses and sunbeds

Quality and environmentally friendly products
  • We source from an internationally recognized partner that respects standards. All the products we use are ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001 certified.




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Contact us

For any questions, call us on: + 377 99 99 02 75 or send us a message below.

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Tour Odéon, 36 Av de l'Annonciade

98000 Monaco, MC

Tél : +377 99 99 02 75

Urgence: +377 (0)6 40 61 39 35


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